where we have been
At Country Soul Sessions 7/4/19 all pics thanks to Alex Morrison and Graeme Bunyan (where stated)



Feb 29 The Ivy House, Nunhead


Jun 19. The Ivy house


Sep 20 The Easy Come, Peckham


Nov 27 The Easy Come, Peckham


Dec 9 Artliners, Berlin


Dec20 Agile rabbit, Brixton





Jan 3. Tooting Folk Club


Jan 11. Goose is Out, Nunhead


Apr 3. The Easy Come, Peckham


Apr 12.Dodos, Kreuzberg


Apr 13 Artliners, Berlin


May 4. Streatham Railway Hotel


May 10. The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell


Jun7. The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell


July 7 The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell


July 10. The Easy Come, Peckham


July 24th BrokenBottle Brewery, Albuquerque


July 30 Jalopy Theatre, Brooklyn


Sept4. The Amersham Arms, New Cross


Sept14. Fordham Park Festival


Sept 24. The Windmill, Brixton


Sep 25. The Easy Come, Peckham


Oct 3 Tooting Folk Club


Dec 4 The Amersham Arms, New Cross





Feb 12The Amersham Arms, New Cross


March 1Tooting Folk Club


March 8 Cafe Crema, New Cross


April 11th The Ivy House, Nunhead


April 16th The White Horse, Peckham


May 9th The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell


May 21st The Amersham Arms, New Cross


June 7th Tooting Folk Club


July 16th The Amersham Arms, New Cross


July 29th The Pig n Whistle, Hollywood


Aug 5t The Livery Co, St Louis


Aug 7th Chippewwa Chapel, St Louis


Sept 4th Lantern Society, Clerkenwell


Sep 17th Amersham Arms


Sep 21st Ivy House


Oct 8th / White Horse


Oct 15th Richmx. Shoreditch


Oct 29th Easy Come


Nov 16th the Bleeding Horse, Dublin


Nov 22nd King William IV, Pimlico


Dec 17th Easy Come Christmas Party





Feb 7th The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell


Feb 18th Easy Come, Peckham


March 4th Tooting Folk Club


April 1st The Amersham Arms New Cross


April 1st Easy Come Peckham


April 22nd Easy Come Peckham


April 25th The Ivy House, Nunhead


May 2nd Tooting Folk Club


May 7th The Lantern Society


May 27th The Easy Come Peckham


June 5th Epsom Fashion College


July 3rd Record Laanch, Vinyl Deptford


July 13th Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, Maui, HI


July 20th Kelly's Olympian. Portland, OR


July 26th Teller's Tap Room, Lakewod, CO


5th September Tooting Folk


10th September The Amersham Arms, New Cross


17th September Skehan's, Nunhead


Sept 20th The Rookery, Spitalfields


Nov 4th The Easy Come at Skehan's New Cross


Nov 12th The Barfly (support to Legends of Country).


Dec 18th The Duke , Deptford


Dec 23rd The Easy Come, Nunhead




Feb 10th Skehan's


Feb 27th The Ivy House


Mar 18th Goldsmiths College


Mar 31st The Joiners Arms, Camberwell


May 15th Private Party - Jerry & Genny's


May 19th The Stables, Whitechapel


May 28th The Round House , Cuckfield


June 1st The Easy Come, Skehan's


June 4th The Stables, Whitechapel


June 5th The Pelton Arms, Greenwich


June 18th Tooting Folk Fest


June 24th TheBonnington Cafe


June 29th Skehan's, Kitto Road


July 9th Private Party - Anna , Hither Green


July 15th Tiller Flat Folk Club,The Golden Hind


July 23rd The Brockley Deli, Brockley Cross


August 10th - The Palace Saloon - Santa Fe


August 12th Jeds Sports Bar , Nashville


Sept 3rd Fordham Park Festival


Sept 4th Bonnington Festival


Sept 14th Skehan's, New Cross


October 26th Skehan's New Cross


November 23rd The Amersham Arms


December 3rd The Steiner School, Balham


December 14th Easy Come at Skehan's




March 22nd Skehan's


March 25th The Morden Arms Greenwich


May 24th Skehan's


May 27th Jimfest - Betsey Trotwoo


June 10th Bonnington Centr Vauxhall


June 15th The Fox and Firkin Lewisham


June 23rd The Morden Arms - Greenwich  100th gig


July 26th - 25 years of the EasyCome


Sept 2nd The Morden Arms


Sept 3rd Bonnington Festival, Vauxhall


October 14th Tooting Folk


October 25th Skehan's


November 4th The Morden Arms


December 2nd The Old Dispensary , Camberwell


December 6th - Skehan's


December 16th The Morden Arms




February 7th Skehan's


February 9th Morden Arms


February 15th The Lantern Society


February 21st Skehan's


March 14th Skehans


March 24th The Duke, Deptford- LP pre release wth the 10 piece band


April  7th Morden Arms


May 5th Water into Beer


May 9th Skehan's


May 22nd The Magic Garden, Battersea


May 26th Jimfest - Betsey Trotwood


Junr 13th Skehan's


Jun 15th The Morden Arms


Jun 18th Soho Radio Session


Jun 26th The Green Note (open mic)


Aug 23rd The 5 Bells


Aug 31st Water into Beer


Sept 1st Party in the Park Festival


Sept 2nd Bonnington Festival


Sept 8th The Morden Arms


Oct 7th The Boogaloo, Highgate


Oct 17th The Biltong Bar Deptford


Oct 19th Private Party Drug Addiction Consultants Seminar


Oct 27th Big John's Biltong BAr Deptford


Oct 28th  The Boogaloo, Highgate


Oct 31st The Easy Come


Nov 4th The Boogaloo, Highgate


Nov 11th The Morden Arms (afternoon)


Nov 11th  The Boogaloo, Highgate (evening)


Nov18th The Boogaloo Highgaye


Nov 25th The Boogaloo, Highgate


Dec 2nd The Boogaloo  Highgate


Dec 8th Steiner School Balham


Dec 9th The Boogaloo Highgatre


Dec 12th The Easy Come , Skehan's


Dec 14th The Biltong Bar Deptford High Street


Dec 16th The Boogaloo Highdate


Dec21st The Morden Arms


Dec 23rd The  Boogaloo Highgate


Dec31st  The Biltong Bar Deptford High Street  150th Gig




Jan 19th The Wonderbar Leytonstone


Feb 1st The Morden Arms

Feb 10th The Boogaloo Highgate

Feb 17th The Boogaloo Highgate

Feb 24th The Boogaloo Highgate

March 3rd The Boogaloo Highgate

March 10th The Boogaloo Highgate

March 13th Skehans

March 17th The Boogaloo Highgate

March 24th The Boogaloo Highgate

March 31st The Boogaloo Highgate

April 6th The Morden Arms

April 7th Country Soul Sessions

April 14th The Boogaloo Highgate

April 20th Nun Fest

April 21st The Boogaloo Highgate

April 28th The Boogaloo Highgate

May 2nd The Lantern Society Hastings

May 5th The Boogaloo Highgate

May 10th Blackheath Newbridge Social Club

May 11th Big John's Biltong Bar

May 12th The Boogaloo Highgate

MAy 19th The Boogaloo Highgate

May 25th Jimfest at The Betsey Trotwood

MAy 26th The Boogaloo Highgate

June 1st Water into Beer for Brockley Max fest

June 2nd The Boogaloo Highgate

June 7th Morden Arms

June 9th The Boogaloo Highgate

June 29th Private  Party

July 6th -Festival in the Forest

July 17th Skehan's

August 28th Skehan's

Aug 30th - Fox and Firkin

Aug 31st Private Party

Sept 8th The Morden Arms

Sept 14th Private Party

Sept 22nd Country Junction DartFord Social Club

Oct 19th Spit and Sawdust

Oct 30th  Resonance FM

Nov 2nd The Morden Arms 

Nov 23rd The Ladywell Tavern

Dec 11th Skehan's

Dec 22nd The Morden Arms

Dec 27th Whitstable Folk Club


Jan 9th  FHNW Muttenz, Basel

Jan 11th Private party, Basel

Feb 1st Morden Arms

Feb 26th The Old Dispensary

Mar 7th Ladywell Tavern   201st Gig

Mar 13th Big John's Biltong Bar

Mar 14th Private Party Greenwich CANCELLED

Mar 17th St Patrick's at The Boogaloo Highgate    CANCELLED

Apr 10th Morden Arms  CANCELLED

Apr 11th NunFest  CANCELLED

Apr 16th Icarus Club    CANCELLED

Apr 18th Wickham Arms  CANCELLED

Apr 23rd Icarus Club  CANCELLED

May 3rd Country Soul Sessions  CANCELLED

May 9th Private Party, Bradford CANCELLED

May 13th Easy Come  (online)

May 25th  Front Garden , Brockley

Jun 21st  The Morden Arms- CANCELLED

June 30th South East Country Collective Festival (online) 

July 18th Front Garden,  Brockley

Sept 11th  The Morden Arms- CANCELLED

Sept 20th Pistachio in the Park, Hilly Fields

Oct 11th The Windmill, Brixton

Oct 17th Pistachio in the Park, Hilly Fields

Nov 1st Country Soul Sessions CANCELLED  

Dec 6th Pistachio in the Park, Hilly Fields

Dec 20th Morden Arms  CANCELLED 


May 29th Amp Studios , Old Kent Road

May 30th Brockley Max Festival 

May 30th Spit and Sawdust

July 31st Ladywell Tavern

Aug 15th Spit and Sawdust

Aug 25th The Old Dispensary

Aug 29th The Morden Arms 

Sept 5th Country Soul Sessions

Sept 11th Festival in the Forest

Sept 25th Front Garden Brockley

Sept 29th The Old Dispensary

Oct 17th The Morden Arms

Oct 24th Spit and Sawdust

Oct 29th The Old Dispensary

Nov 6th Water into Beer

Dec 1st Easy Come at The Old Dispensary

Dec 3rd The Makery Open Studios

Dec 10th The Telegraph  225th Gig

Dec 11th Morden Arms



Feb 26th The Morden Arms

March 2nd The Old Dispensary

March 19th The Telegraph

April 2nd Water into Beer

April 7th The Fox and Firkin 

April 16th The Telegraph

April 17th The Lexington (Frank only, Jim Shepherd LP launch)

April 24th The Morden Arms

June 29h Easy Come, The Old Dispensary

July 3rd  Halen, Bern 

July 4th Brasserie Lorraine, Bern

July 10th Bushey Festival

July 15th Morden Arms

Aug 3rd Easy Come 

Aug 7th The Country Soul Sessions 240th gig

Sept 17th The Morden Arms

Sept 25th Spit and Sawdust

Oct 29th Private Party, Camberwell

Nov 5th The Morden Arms

Nov 13th Spit and Sawdust

26th November New LP Launch The Duke , Deptford

Dec 3rd The Remakery, Camberwell

Dec 18th The Morden Arms


Jan 7th  Water into Beer Acoustic Anarchy

Feb 4th The Morden Arms    !!!!! 250th Gig !!!!!!!!!

Feb 11th The Salisbury Hotel, Green Lanes

Feb 16th The Shirkers Rest

March 19th The Endeavour, Deptford

April 30th The Morden Arms

May 11th Hackney Oscars (private function)

May 27th Jimboree Betsey Trotwood

June 10th Wickham Arms

June 24th Manor House Gardens Festival

July 21st The Morden Arms

July 22nd The Wickham Arms

Aug 5th Acoustic Anarchy,  Brockley

Sept 3rd Country Soul Sessions

Sept 9th Festival In the Forest

Oct 6th The Morden Arms

Oct 24th The Ladywell Tavern

Nov 1st The Easy Come at The Old Dispensary

Nov 26th Gasoline Pony, Sydney

Dec 16th The Morden Arms


Jan 19th The Morden Arms

Mar 13th The Easy Come at The Old Dispensary

Mar 22nd The Morden Arms

Apr 13th The Wickham Arms

May 18th Hither Green Spring Festival

May 25th Jimboree Betsey Trotwood

June 2nd The Amersham Arms   275th Gig !!!!

Jun 7th  The Morden Arms

June 8th Folk in the Garden at the Wickham Arms

June 15th The Brockley Brewery

June 29th Acoustic Anarchy at Water Into Beer

Jul 13th The Wickham Arms 

Aug 4th Country Soul Sessions

Sept 27th The Morden Arms

Dec 15th The Morden Arms