Magic City Trio


Here are the words to our songs, for you all to sing along. There is also background information on some of their origins. The new stuff is at the end of the page.

A Funnel Cloud in Albuquerque


(Sweeney - Holder)



The day began like any other, They had said ther prayers for rain


No rain had come in 40 days. They thought they prayed in vain


It was later in the evening, we were choosing red or green?


And the first drops hit the ground outside the rattlesnake museum



A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, With a white hot lightning spark


The golden number five on red would be our Noah's ark



Then an ocean fell upon the old town, with water getting high


The fish swam down san felipe street and the roadrunner had to fly


Was it the tears of the virgin in the tree, the way she showed her pain


But all the saints in Santisima, they could not stop that rain



A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, With a white hot lightning spark


The golden number five on red would be our Noah's ark



We thought what kind of saints these were, who could make a wind so ill


Then the power went down from the saucer house to the quesadilla grille


The people were getting restless, there was no plan in mind


So we went with Susie to the basement, and left our cars behind



A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, With a white hot lightning spark


The golden number five on red would be our Noah's ark



A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, were not finished yet


So careful what you pray for, for it might be what you get

Oliver Curtis Perry Parts 1 and 2


(Sweeney - Holder)




Oliver Curtis Perry was an outlaw to himself


He went to rob a train one night , with nobody’s help


He put on a scarlet hood and wore an iron vest


He carried a pistol and an Indian charm to aid him in his quest





He saw, he saw the light come shining


Shining all around,


He saw, he saw the light come shining


When that train came round



He leapt upon the mail train as it left the yard


He broke in through the boxcar door and stood before the guard


He said 'open up the safe so the gold reflects upon my face


He left the boxcar with the gold , disappeared without a trace



Curtis Perry left the train that night, the guard then told his tale


Since no one can rob a train alone, they put the guard in jail


Only two months later Curtis tried it once again


He didn’t take the gold this time , he only stole the train



The Pinkertons and Railroad men finally tracked him down


They put him in the prison close at Dannemora Town


He could not escape that jail despite his many tries


Protesting his conditions there he drove nails into his eyes.



He remained in prison, he never was released


Till all the men who put him there, were forgotten or deceased


The treated him so badly, they were so unkind


They only broke his body , but not his spirit nor his mind



(Sweeney - Holder)


I get in my car and drive that quarter mile


When I choose my groceries, you greet me with a smile


I say hello to you and put the money in your hand


you talk about the times of day, you’re such a handsome man





Was it you, was it you . she would have been 22


Was it you, was it you , she would have been twenty two




I see you at the weekend on a sunday morn


You always have that wave for me as you cut your lawn


I see you at the church, you address the people there


Talking about jesus and the redeeming power of prayer





two hunters came across her just when the evening shadows fall


they thought it was a mannequin lay down bside the wall


they went and called the police, to investigate the crime


they couldn’t recognize her she’d been there a long long time






Was it some one else ,……….. or was it…………. both of you



You know it oh so well


I know you'll never tell


But I'll see you burn in Hell


Because it was you



The Dealer and his Wife


(Sweeney - Holder)



A dealer and his wife were enjoying their life


In the last days of May


Tired of getting people higher, They wanted to retire


And do one last deal that day



They put all their money in a brown paper sack


Then to a house of low degree


They met two strangers there but they didn’t think to care


When one stranger said follow me



They took the dealer and his wife to a lonely place


Where they worried about their fate


Then one stranger drew a gun and the other drew a knife


And ended their earthly state



The strangers took a shovel and they dug a hole


As the sun was going down


They took what remained of the dealer and his wife


And buried them in the ground



This is the strory of the dealer and his wife


Who now sleep in the dirt


That’s how thing went and that’s how they spent


Their final day on earth


A Prayer for Hope and Happy Times


(Sweeney - Holder)



We walk the streets, in rotten shoes,


Through a haze , of iceberg blues


We walk through lives, that look real fine,


But that lives not yours, and its not mine



And we age, at the speed of light,


we don’t sleep well , through endless nights


We have our friends, we have our times


But those friends aren’t yours, and those times aren’t mine.



I think about, another day, when good luck, will come our way


But today, its just another time, when luck’s not yours, and its not mine



One day I hope, if I should dare, to find a god. who’ll take a prayer


A prayer for hope, and happy times


But that god’s not yours,and its not mine


But I still hope for better times.